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STD Codes are used to call a person through land line located outside your home district.  STD Codes differentiates local calling and long distance calling.

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BSNL / MTNL was the only company providing land line telephone connection to public through out country. At present private companies also provides land line connection to public.

STD Codes are applied only to call distance landlines not used for calling mobile numbers. STD Codes stands for Subscriber Trunk Dial Codes.

To call major cities YOU need to dial mostly three digit STD Codes and eight digit land line number. STD Codes are not required to call from one land line to another in the same STD area.

Earlier when BSNL / MTNL were the only companies, land line numbers starting digits were allotted based on area in that region.

For example number starting with 2xxxxxxx would be for one area, 3xxxxxxx would be for another area. At present due to the availability of multiple telecom operators, numbering scheme has to be change uniquely.

Every telecom operator was given an unique digit (operator-code) for their telephone numbers to start. They are:

2 – BSNL and MTNL
3 – Reliance Communications
4 – Bharti Airtel
6 – Tata Indicom

This page provides the information about STD codes, YOU can search STD code for city, city name for STD code.