Chandrashtama Days – Chandrashtamam

Chandrashtama days occurs for all Janmarashi or moon sign when Chandra or the moon transits in the 8th house or rashi of their Birthchart.

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Scorpio - Vrischika

  Till 27 - 2 - 2018  00 : 47 Hrs 

Now the Chandra / Moon is in

Mrigashira - Mrigasheerksham Nakshatram   

Padam 3


Chandrashtama Days – Explained

Chandrashtama days occurs for all Rashi(moon sign) natives when Chandra(Moon) transits in the 8th rashi or house. As per astrology the two and quarter Chandrashtama days are considered as inauspicious.

Chandrashtama was formed by combining the two words chandra and ashta which mean Moon and Eight respectively.

In simple terms, Chandrashtama days means when the moon is transiting through the eighth house of your own moon sign which is known as JanmaRasi or Rasi  in Hindu Astrology system.

Each house or Rasi or Zodiac is 30 degree, moon takes roughly two and half days to travel completely one Zodiac. Moons average motion per day will be approximately 13 degrees or it travels 13 degrees in a day.

Though it take roughly two and half days for moon to cross each sign,  the entire two and half days of moons transition into your eighth sign is considered as Chandrashtamam.

The Janma Nakshatram or Birth star which relates to your Birthsign or Moonsign, gives you significant effect when moon travels 13 degree 20 minutes duration through a specific star or constellation known as JanmaNakshatram or Nakshatram.

Chandrashtama which occurs once in 27 days is considered to be inauspicious for various astrological reasons. No auspicious things are undertaken during Chandrashtama days, in general.