Lucky Numbers Calculator | Lucky Numbers in Numerology

Lucky Numbers Calculator helps to find YOUR Psychic number, Destiny number, Lucky Name Number. Find your lucky number with Lucky Numbers Calculator.

Lucky Numbers Calculator

You Can Find Your Ascendant or Lagna in Your Horoscope or Visit Lagna Calculator Page

Lucky Numbers Calculator

Lucky Numbers and Letters has mystic power and energy. Your name has huge and long-term effects on your life. Still, your name does not run your life, you run your life.

Lucky Names bring personal tendencies and inclinations and a likelihood that certain events or situations will manifest. A name change is a crucial decision and it will change your life.

The more often you change your name, the more confusing your life. That’s because all past names are still with you.Every time the name is changed, additional vibrations are loaded onto the character.

After enough name changes, the life can become thoroughly confused because of all the conflicting characteristics. Previous name vibrations are never deleted.

Old name vibrations can not be discarded, although they may gradually have less effect as the years go by with a new name.

The main advantage of Numerology is that it is extremely easy to calculate using Lucky Numbers Calculator. Unlike Astrology you do not need to know the exact time of birth.

You do not need YOUR Birth Chart, all you need to know is date of birth and YOUR Ascendant / Lagna.

In Numerology there are eleven numbers – one to nine, eleven, twenty two. Number eleven and Number twenty two are known as master numbers. Each number has a meaning and Significance.

In numerology Life Path Number or Destiny Number represents your purpose in life. It is the sum total of your birth day, month and year.

Once you find your Lucky Number and Lucky Name Number using Lucky Numbers Calculator, then you can change your name using Chaldean Numerology method or Pythagorean Numerology method.

Lucky Numbers Calculator – Why We Need it

Why you want to find your Lucky Name Numerology Number. We are all already born, we search for Numerology, Astrology, Gemology to get solution for the problems.

All our problems are based on past life, We cannot change our Date of birth, We cannot Change our Horoscope to change our fate.

But we can change our Name based on few details. Once we get our Lucky Name Numerology Number, We can re-assign our name based on Lucky Name Number.


1. We have used some unique method in Lucky Numbers Calculator to find YOUR lucky numbers, use it at your own interest.

2. Ascendant can be found through Western Astrology Ascendant Calculator and through Vedic Astrology Ascendant Calculator. The difference in both astrology is the use of Ayanamsa degrees.

3. Information given in this article is purely for evaluation purpose. Please do not consider this as an alternate and permanent solution for all your problems.

4. How ever this can be used as guideline to know your lucky name number and please take well experienced Numerologist assistance to change your Name.