New Moon Calendar – New Moon Day

New Moon Calendar is a useful software to know New Moon dates and times for one full calendar year. In Hindu Calendar New Moon is called as Amavasya Tithi.

This Calculator generates you New Moon Calendar for a complete year. New Moon is the moment when the Sun and Moon are in conjunction, meaning that the Sun and Earth are on the opposite sides of the Moon.

New Moon Calendar

New Moon Calendar for, Chennai 2017
Date New Moon End Time New Moon Day
28-Jan-2017 05:38  Hrs Saturday
26-Feb-2017 20:30  Hrs Sunday
28-Mar-2017 08:30  Hrs Tuesday
26-Apr-2017 17:48  Hrs Wednesday
26-May-2017 01:17  Hrs Friday
24-Jun-2017 08:03  Hrs Saturday
23-Jul-2017 15:18  Hrs Sunday
22-Aug-2017 00:02  Hrs Tuesday
20-Sep-2017 11:01  Hrs Wednesday
20-Oct-2017 00:43  Hrs Friday
18-Nov-2017 17:13  Hrs Saturday
18-Dec-2017 12:01  Hrs Monday

New moon cannot normally be seen from the Earth, however, since only the dark side of the Moon faces the Earth.

New Moon Calendar – Guide

1. You can find New Moon Day for one complete year using this New Moon Calculator for one full year.

2. Select year for which you want to find New Moon Day.

3. Select Day Light Saving Time if your country follows Day light Saving Time.

4. Select your Timezone from the pull down menu, it should not be difficult to use the Timezone menu.

5. Once you click calculate you will get New Moon Calendar with Time and Day of occurrence for one complete year.