Ekadashi | Ekadashi Fasting Dates | Ekadashi Yearly Calendar

Ekadashi is the eleventh Tithi in lunar day of the shukla or krishna paksha of every lunar month in the Hindu calendar or Panchangam devoted to Lord Vishnu.

Ekadashi | Ekadashi Fasting Dates | Ekadashi Yearly Calendar

Ekadashi Fasting Dates Chennai, 2018
Day Start Date Start Time End Date End Time
Thursday 11-Jan-2018 19:16 12-Jan-2018 21:26
Saturday 27-Jan-2018 11:12 28-Jan-2018 08:26
Saturday 10-Feb-2018 14:47 11-Feb-2018 17:26
Sunday 25-Feb-2018 20:09 26-Feb-2018 17:29
Monday 12-Mar-2018 11:15 13-Mar-2018 13:42
Tuesday 27-Mar-2018 03:45 28-Mar-2018 01:34
Wednesday 11-Apr-2018 06:39 12-Apr-2018 08:10
Wednesday 25-Apr-2018 10:50 26-Apr-2018 09:24
Thursday 10-May-2018 23:26 11-May-2018 23:39
Thursday 24-May-2018 18:23 25-May-2018 17:52
Saturday 9-Jun-2018 12:56 10-Jun-2018 11:51
Saturday 23-Jun-2018 03:23 24-Jun-2018 03:56
Sunday 8-Jul-2018 23:28 9-Jul-2018 21:23
Sunday 22-Jul-2018 14:51 23-Jul-2018 16:27
Tuesday 7-Aug-2018 07:49 8-Aug-2018 05:13
Tuesday 21-Aug-2018 05:19 22-Aug-2018 07:42
Wednesday 5-Sep-2018 15:01 6-Sep-2018 12:15
Wednesday 19-Sep-2018 22:42 21-Sep-2018 01:18
Thursday 4-Oct-2018 21:49 5-Oct-2018 19:19
Friday 19-Oct-2018 17:59 20-Oct-2018 20:04
Friday 2-Nov-2018 07:12 4-Nov-2018 03:16
Sunday 18-Nov-2018 13:33 19-Nov-2018 14:29
Sunday 2-Dec-2018 14:04 3-Dec-2018 13:04
Tuesday 18-Dec-2018 07:53 19-Dec-2018 07:31

Ekadashi Fasting is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and is observed on the 11th day of waning and waxing phases of moon in a traditional Hindu calendar. This is one of the most popular Vrat/vratham observed in Hinduism.

In Hinduism it is considered spiritually beneficial day for fasting from sunrise on the day of Ekadashi to sunrise on the day following Ekadashi. Hindu devotee should eat only fruits, vegetables and milk products on this day .

Two Ekadashi occurs in one month according to positions of the moon or the Moon Phases.  During Vaikunta Ekadashi usually occurs during December-January month is considered very auspicious among other Ekadashi Tithi.

It is considered that the Sorga Vaasal will be opened at this Tithi. One will go to heaven directly. A devotees who observe Vaikunta Ekadashi fasting do not sleep on the day and that night.

They spend whole night at Vishnu temples or singing prayers or listening stories about Lord Vishnu. Fasting is completed on the next day (Dwadashi) after worshiping Lord Vishnu, Offer prayers by lighting a lamp and then you can break the fast.

The first fortnight between New Moon Day and Full Moon Day is called Shukla Paksha, the period of the brightening moon (waxing moon), and the second fortnight between New Moon Day and Full Moon Day of the month is called Krishna Paksha, or the period of the fading moon (waning moon).