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Planetary Positions Today reveals the geocentric positions of the planets for the present day. Find out the position of SUN, MOON and Planets.

Monday Nov 20, 2017
Year Kali: 5118 Year Saka: 1939 Year Vikrama: 2074
Jovian_North: sAdhAraNa Ayanamsa:24 ° 6 ' 30 " Jovian_South: hemalamba
Sankranti:16 - 11 - 2017  12:24   Next Sankranti:16 - 12 - 2017  05:14
Lunar Month: Margasirsa   Solar Month: Kārttikai - 5
Planetary Positions Nirayana - Vedic   Planetary Positions Sayana - Western
Time:18:38 GMT +5.5 Hrs   Time:13:08 UT/GMT
Planet Zodiac Position House   Planet Zodiac Position House
su Sun sc Scorpio 04° 18' 7   su Sun sc Scorpio 28° 24' 10
mo Moon sc Scorpio 26° 56' 7   mo Moon sg Sagittarius 21° 03' 11
ju Jupiter li Libra 14° 51' 6   ju Jupiter sc Scorpio 08° 58' 10
ue Raghu ca Cancer 25° 02' 3   ue Uranus ca Cancer 25° 02' 6
me Mercury sc Scorpio 25° 51' 7   me Mercury sg Sagittarius 19° 57' 11
ve Venus li Libra 22° 17' 6   ve Venus sc Scorpio 16° 23' 10
ne Kethu cp Capricorn 25° 02' 9   ne Neptune cp Capricorn 25° 02' 12
sa Saturn sg Sagittarius 02° 23' 8   sa Saturn sg Sagittarius 26° 29' 11
ma Mars vi Virgo 24° 14' 5   ma Mars li Libra 18° 21' 9
Ascendant = Taurus 19° 53'   Ascendant = Aquarius 29° 57'
Panchangam for the Day    New Moon
Day: Monday    18 Nov, 2017 newmoon
Tithi: Dwithiya    17:13 Hrs
Nakshatra: Jyeshta - Kettai    Saturday
Karana: Kaulava   
Yoga: Sukarman    Full Moon
Paksha: Shukla    3 Dec, 2017 fullmoon
Sunrise: 06:09:54    21:19 Hrs
Noon: 11:54:31    Sunday
Sunset: 17:39:02   
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The planetary positions given here are according to the Vedic Astrology (sidereal) method and also Tropical (Western) system.

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Planetary Positions Today

Vedic Astrology GMT+5.5 Hrs

1. Displayed time is Local Clock time for selected location
2. 24-hour clock and time is adjusted for DST (if applicable)
3. Displayed positions are Sidereal or Nirayana Planetary Positions according to Vedic Astrology
4. Lahiri Ayanamsa used

Western Astrology GMT 00.00 Hrs

1. Displayed time is UT / GMT with respect to Local Clock time for selected location
2. 24-hour clock and time is adjusted for DST (if applicable)
3. Displayed positions are Tropical or Sayana Planetary Positions according to Western Astrology
4. Ayanamsa correction NOT used

We have also provided Today's Panchangam with details of Date, Day, Tithi, Paksha, Yoga, Karana,Sunrise, Solar Noon and Sunset.

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