Planetary Positions Sidereal | Planetary Positions Nirayana

Planetary Positions Sidereal, a Vedic Astrology method of calculating planetary positions by subtracting Ayanamsa degree from Planetary Positions Tropical or Planetary Positions Sayana – Western Astrology.

Planetary Positions Sidereal also called as Planetary Positions Nirayana meaning is Ayanamsa degree is not used or calculated by default.

Planetary Positions Sidereal | Planetary Positions Nirayana

Vedic Astrology Current Planetary Positions
25-Feb-2018 Sunday 00:54 GMT 5.5 hrs

Planet Zodiac Position House
suSunaqAquarius12° 01´4
moMoongeGemini01° 16´8
juJupiterliLibra28° 59´12
ueRaghucaCancer19° 54´9
meMercuryaqAquarius20° 07´4
veVenusaqAquarius24° 30´4
neKethucpCapricorn19° 54´3
saSaturnsgSagittarius12° 51´2
maMarsscScorpio24° 21´1
Ayanamsam 24° 06´

Ascendant Scorpio 17° 55´

About Nirayana Planetary Positions

1. Displayed time is Local Clock time for selected location, default time is GMT+5.5Hrs
2. 24-hour clock and time is adjusted for DST (if applicable, User selectable)
3. Displayed positions are Nirayana according to Vedic Astrology
4. Lahiri Ayanamsa used
5. House numbers are calculated from the ascendant position considered as 1

The planetary positions given here are according to the vedic (sidereal) method. These degrees can easily be converted to tropical (western) system.

Simply add the current value of Ayanamsa (Precession of the Equinox) to the degree of each planet and you get your western or tropical chart.

How to Use Planetary Positions Sidereal

1. You need your Date of Birth, Time of Birth and Place of Birth to calculate Planetary Positions using Vedic Astrology method.

Basically you can find planetary position for any date, time and place. By default it displays the current planetary positions based on your computer time.

2. Select Day Light Saving Time if your country follows Day light Saving Time.

3. In the “Search Birth City” field, just type your Birth City. The fields below are only to display the Geographical coordinates of your Birth City, do not enter anything in those fields.

4. Actually you need to know Longitude, Latitude and Timezone of your Birth City, we have simplified this process and automated entering Longitude, Latitude and Timezone of your Birth City.

5. Once you click to Generate, you will get the planetary positions with degree and minutes and its residing Zodiac and its houses.

6. Houses are calculated considering Ascendant house as 1.

7. Ayanamsa and Ascendant zodiac with degree and minutes also presented.