Numerology Number 8 – Significance of Number 8 Planet Saturn

Numerology Number 8 – Saturn

numerology number 8Numerology Number 8 stands in symbolism for the Planet Saturn. This number influences all persons born on the 8th, 17th, or 26th in any month.

These people are invariably much misunderstood in their lives, and perhaps for this reason they feel intensely lonely at heart.

Number 8 Saturn, gives order, stability, good reputation, success, prosperity, magnanimity, detachment and perseverance. Saturn can bring a desire for solitude and an interest in self realization.

They have deep and very intense natures, great strength of individuality, they generally play some important role on life’s stage, but usually one which is fatalistic, or as the instrument of Fate for others.

If at all religious they go to extremes and are fanatics in their zeal. In any cause they take up, they attempt to carry it through in spite of all argument or opposition, and in doing so they generally make bitter and relentless enemies.

They often appear cold and undemonstrative, though in reality they have warm hearts towards the oppressed of all classes, but they hide their feelings and allow people to think just what they please.

These number 8 people are either great successes or great failures, there appears to be no happy medium in their case.
If ambitious, they generally aim for public life or government responsibility of some kind, and often hold very high positions involving great sacrifice on their part.

It is not, however, from a worldly standpoint, a fortunate number to be born under, and such persons often are called on to face the very greatest sorrows, losses, and humiliations.

The number 8 is a difficult number to explain. It represents two worlds, the material and the spiritual. It is in fact, if one regards it, like two circles just touching together. It is composed of two equal numbers: 4 and 4.

From the earliest ages it has been associated with the symbol of an irrevocable Fate, both in connection with the lives of individuals or nations. In Astrology it stands for Saturn, which is also called the Planet of Fate.

One side of the nature of this number represents upheaval, revolution, anarchy, waywardness and eccentricities of all kinds.

The other side represents philosophic thought, a strong leaning towards occult studies, religious devotion, concentration of purpose, zeal for any cause espoused, and a fatalistic outlook coloring all actions.

All persons who have the number 8 clearly associated with their lives feel that they are distinct and different from their fellows. At heart they are lonely, they are misunderstood and they seldom reap the reward for the good they may do while they are living.

Number 8 people should endeavor to carry out their plans and aims on all days that fall under their “own number,” such as the 8th, 17th, or 26th in any month.

Lucky Colors, Dates and Gemstones for Numerology Number 8

Lucky Dates:

The number 8 being a Saturn number, Saturday is therefore their most important day, but on account of the number 4 having influence on a Sunday and in a secondary way on a Monday, the number 8 people will find Saturday, Sunday,and Monday their most important days.

Lucky Color:

The “lucky” colors for people born under the 8 are all shades of dark grey: black, dark blue, and purple. If number 8 persons were to dress in light colors they would look awkward, and as if there were something wrong with them.

Lucky Gemstone:

Their “lucky” stones are the Blue sapphire, Lapis Lazuli, Blue Topaz, Malachite, amethyst,Blue spinel and the dark-toned sapphire.

These gemstones enhance wealth, fame, health, happiness, prosperity, a long life and mental peace. They give protection from danger and increase detachment.