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Lunar Eclipse Calculator calculates Lunar Eclipse occurrence for that particular year. Lunar Eclipse occurs when the Sun, Earth and Moon are all perfectly aligned in a straight line, you may be able to view Lunar Eclipse based on Moonrise time.

Lunar Eclipse Calculator

Apr 2015 17:37 Hrs Lunar Eclipse in Chennai GMT + 5.5 Hrs
PenUmbral Eclipse Start14 Hrs 30 Mins
Umbral Eclipse Start15 Hrs 46 Mins
Total Eclipse Start17 Hrs 25 Mins
Peak Stage of Eclipse17 Hrs 31 Mins
Total Eclipse End17 Hrs 37 Mins
Umbral Eclipse End19 Hrs 16 Mins
PenUmbral Eclipse End20 Hrs 31 Mins
Total Eclipse Duration00 Hrs 11 Mins

From Earth you may be able to view Lunar Eclipse depending on the Moonrise Moonset Times. When the Moonrise does not happen during the eclipse time, you cannot witness eclipse.

Lunar Eclipse occurs when the Earth lies in between the sun and Moon, and the Earth’s shadow falls on the Moon. Anyone on the surface of the Earth that faces the Moon at the time of Lunar Eclipse can view it.

Partial Eclipse occurs when the outer part of Earth’s shadow (umbra) crosses the Moon and if the moon is in close to the center of Earth and the central part of the shadow covers the Moon, the result is a total Eclipse. Eclipse can only occur the night of a Full Moon Day.