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Nakshatra Calculator helps you to find your Janma Nakshatra or Birth Star or Nakshatra which is important in Hindu Vedic Astrology. There are 27 Nakshatras.

Birth Star or Janma Nakshatra which is the constellation in which the Moon was located at the time and place of the birth of an individual and have their own influence on the individuals life.

Nakshatra Calculator – Janma Nakshatra Calculator

O, Va, Vi, Vu
Nakshatra Calculated for Location Chennai - India

Your Moon Sign and Birth Star represent your mind, psychology and emotional stability. Based on your Nakshatra, the starting letter of your name should be known. The starting letters for your name based on your Nakshatra/Birth Star is also provided.

Nakshatram prevailing on any day is obtained from the absolute longitude of Chandra or the Moon Phases. This is counted from Mesha Rasi.

We should use planetary positions sidereal or Nirayana longitudes and not planetary positions Sayana or tropical longitudes.

That is we should make use of Ayanamsa corrected longitudes. Nakshatram is an important concept in Hindu astrology. Most of the auspicious functions and marriage are based on Nakshatram.

If we know the Nakshatram of the day in general we can obtain the Moon Sign or Rasi in which moon is placed. Each Nakshatram is ruled by a planet.

The Dasha Bhukti periods at the time of birth of an individual is decided by the Lord of Nakshatram of that day. Each Nakshatram is further divided into four Padams (quarters) another important concept in oriental astrology. Navamsa chart or Divisional chart – 9 is also constructed based on this.

Nakshatra Calculator – Guide

1. You need your Date of Birth, Time of Birth and Place of Birth to calculate your Nakshatra or Janma Nakshatra using Vedic/Indian Astrology method.

2. Select your Date of Birth, Time of Birth, Select Day Light Saving Time if your country follows Day light Saving Time.

3. In the “Search Birth City” field, just type your Birth City. The fields below are only to display the Geographical coordinates of your Birth City, do not enter anything in those fields.

4. Actually you need to know Longitude, Latitude and Timezone of your Birth City, we have simplified this process and automated entering Longitude, Latitude and Timezone of your Birth City.

5. Once you click to Generate, your Birth Star or Janma Nakshatra will be calculated and displayed.

6. Vedic Astrology is followed in India and may be in other countries, different Ayanamsa corrected longitudes or degrees are used to in Indian Astrology to calculate Ascendant, Nakshatra and Planetary Positions.

When you identify your Janma Nakshatra which is related to your Birth Chart, you can find your Janma Rashi or Moon Sign based on Nakshatra and its Padam. Even your name can be assigned based on your Nakshatra and each Nakshatra has particular starting letters.

Once you know your name starting letter, find your Lucky Number and Name Number, assign you name with starting character for your birth star with the numerology value in the name.

In Hindu Vedic Astrology there are 27 nakshatras used which is related to individuals Birth Chart. They are

  1. Ashvini,
  2. Bharani,
  3. Krittika (Karthigai),
  4. Rohini,
  5. Mrigashira (Mrigasheerksham),
  6. Ardhra (Thiruvaathirai),
  7. Punarvasu (Punarpoosam),
  8. Pushya (Poosam),
  9. Ashlesa (Aayilyam),
  10. Magha (Makam),
  11. Poorva Phalguni (Pooram),
  12. Uttara Phalguni (Uthiram),
  13. Hasta (Hastham),
  14. Chitra (Chithirai),
  15. Svati,
  16. Vishaka (Visaakam),
  17. Anuradha (Anusham)),
  18. Jyeshta (Kettai),
  19. Mula (Moolam),
  20. Poorva Ashada (Pooraadam),
  21. Uttara Ashada (Uthiraadam),
  22. Sravana (Thiruvonam),
  23. Dhanishta (Avittam),
  24. Shatabisha (Chathayam/Sadayam),
  25. Poorva Bhadra (Poorattathi),
  26. Uttara Bhadra (Uthirattathi),
  27. Revati.