Latitude Longitude Finder

Latitude Longitude Finder provides Latitude, Longitude and Greenwich Mean Time for a Place which is Geographic Coordinate for every location on the Earth.

Planetary Positions Today | Current Planetary Positions

Planetary Positions Today or Current Planetary Positions reveals the geocentric positions of the planets for the present day with panchang,Sun,Moon details.

Birth Chart Calculator | Birth Chart Generator

Astrology Birth chart is an actual representation of planetary positions in the sky. Astrology Birth Chart show the position of planets in the twelve houses.

STD Codes | Search India STD Codes | India STD codes List

STD Codes are used to call a person through land line located outside your home district. STD Codes differentiates local calling and long distance calling.

Mars Retrograde – Mars Vakri – Mars Vakram

Mars retrograde happens every 700 days approximately and mars retrograde period lasts for about 80 days. Mars is an important planet in Astrology.

Panchangam Today | Online Tamil Daily Panchangam

Panchangam Today the most accurate online daily panchangam calculates five attributes Vaara, Tithi, Nakshtram, Yogam, Karanam for any date time and place.

Jupiter Retrograde – Guru Vakri – Guru Retrograde

Jupiter retrograde happens every year and retrograde period lasts for 120 days. Jupiter retrograde or Guru Retrograde is important event in vedic astrology.